Travelling to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe? Book To Fly With Air Zimbabwe , and we will ensure you are you’re clued up with what you need to know about the city and its happenings!

Currency: Zimbabwean Dollars


Before travelling to Bulawayo ensure you have the following:

  • Valid passport *foreign citizen*
  • National Identification card *if local citizen*

Also known as “The city of Kings and Queens”, “Skies” or “Blues”. With 16 different languages recognized and spoken in Zimbabwe, the most popular languages in Bulawayo include; Ndebele, Shona and English “Hello” in Bulawayo is:

  • Ndebele: Salibonani
  • Shona: Mhoro
  • English: Hello

Bulawayo is one of the Zimbabwe’s most attractive cities, with a pleasing mixture of Victorian and modern architecture which gives it a unique character. From a tourist point of view, Bulawayo has a lot to offer, either from within itself or the surroundings but don’t leave Bulawayo without trying:

  • Offals / Ezanga Phakathi
  • Sadza
  • Cow heels
  • African beer/Umqomboti
  • Umxhanxa/ Yellow watermelon with sun dried maize

What to do in Bulawayo for a day:

  • Matopo Hills and National Park
  • Khami Ruins Historic Tour
  • Bulawayo National Art Gallery
  • ZITF
  • Old Bulawayo

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