Technical Training School

The Technical Training School (TTS) is an integral part of Air Zimbabwe Engineering Department. Our Technical Training School offers training in the following areas:

  • Apprenticeship Training in the areas of Avionics (Radios, Instruments and Electrical), Mechanical (Engines and Airframes) and Special Trades ( Painting, sheet metal & Composites, Welding, Cabin Interiors, Electroplating)
  • Engineer Type course training (B737-200 ADV, B767-200 ER, MA 60, GTCP 331-200ER, GTCP 85-129 and GTCP36-150CY)
  • Engineer Type course training (JT8D-17A and PW4056)
  • Ground school training of Pilots (B737-200 ADV, B767-200 ER and MA60)
  • Human Factors
  • Fuel Tank Safety
  • Electrical Wiring Interconnect System


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