Our Services

Air Zimbabwe Cargo transports general cargo, perishables, live animals, dangerous goods, medicaments and special commodities.

General Cargo

All and any type of general cargo can be airlifted on Air Zimbabwe flights. This also includes unaccompanied baggage for passengers over the permitted weight during check-in. However, no dangerous goods are allowed in the unaccompanied baggage.


This category of cargo needs utmost care on acceptance, warehousing, and loading/off-loading with the sole aim of reaching the intended destination in good condition.

Live Animals

We ensure reliable transportation of live animals through our experienced Ground Handlers who follow the dictates of the IATA Live Animals Regulations which specify the animal or container type to be used, accompanying documents and any other requirements.

Dangerous Goods

These are articles or substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment and are transported on the principles as guided by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. The highly trained personnel both on ground and in air ensure such cargo complies with required standards for safe and secure transportation.


We guarantee that this type of cargo and other special commodities which demand temperature controlled environments are accorded such service from land to air to ensure a smooth logistical supply chain.


Air Zimbabwe Cargo Services utilises belly space of Air Zimbabwe passenger flights for cargo carriage.

Our Fleet & ULDs

With an array of dedicated passenger aircrafts, Air Zimbabwe conveys cargo to its consignees in whole despite the size and weight. This has been supported by the availability of unit load devices designed to accommodate any type of freight on the available aircraft.

Cargo Tonnage: Limited Cargo Capacity

Boeing 737
Cargo Tonnage: 2500kgs

Door Dimensions
Front Cargo Door: 89cm x 122cm
Rear Cargo Door: 84cm x 122cm

Boeing 767        
Cargo tonnage:10 000kgs

Door dimensions
Front Cargo Door: 340cm x 175cm
Rear Cargo Door: 178cm x 175cm
Bulk Cargo Rear Door: 97cm x 114cm

Door dimensions
Bulk Door: 149cm x 119cm
Forward Compartment Door: 64cm x 59cm x 47cm
Rear Compartment Door: 67cm x 59cm x 47cm

Unit Load Devices



Tare Weight: 70kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 1225kgs
Dimensions: (L) 162.6cm x (W) 119.4cm x (H) 162.6cm
Door Opening: 152cm x 112cm

Tare Weight: 113kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 2449kgs
Dimensions: (L) 243.8cm x (W) 153.4cm x (H) 162.6cm
Door Opening: 234cm x 157cm

Tare Weight: 127kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 2449kgs
Dimensions: (L) 305cm x (W) 214cm x (H) 157cm
Door Opening: 234cm x 157cm


Tare Weight: 118kgs
Maximum Gross Weight: 3 000kgs
Dimensions: 317.5cm x 223.5cm
Maximum Loading Height: 157cm

Cargo Handling Facilities

The cargo acceptance, warehousing, loading and unloading functions are contractually outsourced to local handling agents in Zimbabwe and Foreign Service providers at our regional destinations.


For contact details of our ground handling agents, please refer to the list and click on the relevant option and link.

National Handling Services (Pvt) Ltd
P.O. Box AP191
Harare Airport


Cargo Imports: + 263 778 946 393 / 86 4407 2271
Cargo Exports: + 263 778 946 392 / 86 4407 2270

South Africa
Bidair Cargo
OR Tambo International Airport
Foreign Airline Cargo Section
Unit 6
Republic of South Africa

Operations Supervisor
Tel: +2711 230 4627
Fax: +2711 390 2168

Regional Manifesting
Tel: +2711 230 4600
Fax: +2711 390 2950

Import & Export Supervisor
Tel: +2711 230 4656
Fax: +2786 668 3283
Mobile: +2783 283 8902