Class of Service

Air Zimbabwe Type of Fares

Normal fares

These fares have few restrictions if any and are denoted by Y for economy class and J for Business class and maximum stay is 6months for domestic and 12months for economy. Tickets which are issued on the basis of these fares are usually refundable, dates and routes can be changed freely and open return bookings are permissible within the ticket validity.

Special fares

These are the most extensive category of fares which are used by vast majority of the passengers. The logic is that the cheaper the fare, the more restrictions are applied to it and are usually non -refundable. All special fares have fixed dates of departure and arrival, change of these dates is prohibited or may be allowed but with substantial penalties. In rare cases, it is allowed to issue this ticket again for new dates with a higher price. Refund of the special fare ticket may be done only in exceptional cases.

Business Class

Fare entitles you to a full, premium experience which includes an increased checked-in baggage allowance. Save time with our priority check-in service and make use of Business Class lounge facilities.